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We have been a member of the INTERLEGAL worldwide network of lawyers for many years. INTERLEGAL is one of the leading networks in the global law industry. Interlegal is represented in a number of major European countries, on the American continent, in Asia, Australia and Africa. This network enables us to provide our clients with competent advice on foreign law at short notice. Our partner Gabriele BRAND-OGRIS has been President of INTERLEGAL since June 2019. Gabriele BRAND-OGRIS is the first woman on the Executive Board of INTERLEGAL. With this election, Austria is represented on INTERLEGAL's Executive Board for the first time.

We are a member of the German law network DAC. Our partner Michael BRAND has been a member of the board of DAC since 2012.

One partner has been instructed as an expert witness on Austrian law before English courts on several occasions.