Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Time limits inhibited

Time Limits inhibited

The 2nd COVID-19 Act interrupts current time limits in civil and administrative proceedings until 30 April 2020 and restarts on 1 May 2020. In an ongoing appeal procedure, for example, the current time limit is interrupted and starts to run again on 1 May 2020, so that the party has the entire duration of the appeal period from 1 May 2020.

In rare exceptional cases, the court or authority may declare that the suspension does not occur or does not occur for the entire duration.

Even in substantive statutes of limitation, the period from 22 March to the end of the day on 30 April 2020 is not to be included in the period of limitation. Caution: In contrast to the formal periods, the limitation period does not start anew on 1 May 2020. The limitation period is extended only by the period mentioned.

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