Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Daily Business and Service

Daily Business and Service in times of Covid-19

Our top priority during this pandemic is the health of our employees and clients. It goes without saying that we therefore conscientiously support the measures taken by the Austrian government to stem the spread of the corona virus.

We are working, but of course we also comply with increased security measures when dealing with clients. One team of lawyers works from home, the other is present in the office, as the regulation VO BGBl 2020/II/96 provides an exception for lawyers.

We can continue to handle new mandates, including new contracts and the entire processing of contracts up to the submission of applications to both the company and land register. There are no noticeable delays for clients. We work together with notaries, who carry out certifications for us.

We hold meetings via video conferences or by telephone. We have been exchanging data via e-mail for a long time.

We avoid personal appointments whenever possible. If a personal appointment really cannot be avoided, we ensure the greatest possible security and protection by keeping personal distance in large meeting rooms, which are disinfected after each appointment. Everyone who enters or leaves the office must disinfect their hands.

Handshaking is only possible again after the crisis has ended.

Simply contact us at or by phone at 01 725 77. We are there for your concerns!