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Ski Law

Several partners are enthusiastic skiers and worked as ski instructors during their studies.

In the event of a ski accident, the location of the incident shifts from the ski slope via the hospital to the courtroom.

For many years we have represented victims of accidents, lift operators, liability insurances and perpetrators in civil and criminal courts in compensation proceedings for ski accidents and have many years of experience in asserting and defending claims.

The FIS rules standardise the duty of care of skiers. According to settled case law, the FIS rules are protective laws, the violation of which can trigger compensation obligations. Therefore, the behaviour of those involved in a ski accident must first be analysed on the basis of the FIS rules. If the injured party has acted carefully and the perpetrator has acted unlawfully, the infringer is liable for full compensation. If the skier has violated the FIS rules, the damage will be shared. In this case, the injured party receives only a part of his damage. In the event of a ski accident, the trick is to find out that the other party has (also) violated the FIS rules.