Core competencies

Know-how, efficiency and professionalism ensure legal quality

Real Law Estate

We are successful in our business - on both, the supply and demand side. Our partners even develop real estate themselves.

We have a property management company as a sister company with which we cooperate closely.

Partners of our law firm are also active as property developers.

We therefore know all the needs around real estate. Not so specialized lawyers do not have this know-how.

Of course, our clients benefit from this expertise at no additional cost.

We successfully support our clients in all relevant steps, in particular in the following:


1. Purchase and Sale of Properties

We have many years of experience in the rapid processing of the purchase and sale of real estate and condominiums. We guarantee the short-term processing of purchase contracts.

We have our own department, which does nothing else than to advance these projects in the shortest possible time.


2. Establishing Home Ownership

We represent property development companies that implement numerous projects in the condominium sector.

Ideally, we are already involved in the planning phase so that condominium ownership can be established quickly and the individual apartments can already be sold as condominium properties.

Occasionally we are only engaged too late, when the cart has already gone down because the establishment of condominium ownership was neglected in the sales phase. Based on our experience and our know-how, we regularly manage to put an end to the disputes between co-owners and work out a structure. The aim is to bring all interests under one roof, so that a residential property founding contract can be concluded that is acceptable to all parties.

Our practical tip: parify immediately. Don't wait unnecessarily because you want to save a few euros.


3. Our Portfolio

  • Support in all legal and business questions by our property management
  • Structuring, development and execution of property development projects
  • Representation in licensing procedures, nature conservation procedures, etc.
  • Tenders
  • Location search and analysis
  • Financing solutions
  • Preparation of legal opinions
  • Complete support for the establishment of companies and the relocation of business locations
  • Advice on house raffles (we have supervised the most successful house raffle)
  • Implementation of infrastructure projects including environmental impact issues
  • Supervision of landfill projects, projects according to MinRoG