Core competencies

Know-how, efficiency and professionalism ensure legal quality

Legal proceedings

We enjoy representing our clients in court.

And, we enjoy fighting for as long as it takes for Supreme Courts to reach landmark decisions.

We are on top of things legally because of our years of experience in legal proceedings. Therefore, we always keep your rights in mind, and consider how they may be enforced in court, if need be.

When drawing up contracts, we are one legal step ahead because we anticipate the problems that may arise in court.

With an impractical and therefore weak contract you loose an advantage.

Courtroom experience is our specialty - instead of the unfounded theory of many other firms and notaries who even advertise that they do not litigate.

We offer advice as soon as first disagreements arise. That’s also the point when one should seek professional advice: to be prepared, and to ensure that proceedings do not take you by surprise, but rather allow you to win the case.

At the onset of disputes, a few issues are critical:

  • optimal preparation and collation of documents,
  • SWOT analysis and a consequential implementation of the results,
  • evaluating evidence,
  • choosing the right strategy.

You certainly do not want to struggle through the proceedings, but win. Therefore, just in case, you should make the first step as soon as possible and request professional help. We will gladly and competently advise you.