Core competencies

Know-how, efficiency and professionalism ensure legal quality

Construction Law, Procurement Law, Civil Engineering Law

Public Tenders and Procurement

We advise clients in public tenders, and procurement of all kinds of construction projects.

We are just as familiar with general contractor projects as with complex individual contract awards.
On the other side, we represent contractors who value our practical advice when

  • taking part in public tenders and procurement processes,
  • and/or when they are being treated unfairly because objectivity has not been maintained.

Expert Opinion

Our network includes experts who issue opinions for all areas of the construction business. We will gladly provide our know-how and assist you with the specific wording needed for assigning such expert. This ensures the expert opinion will be a precise examination of what you really need. 

Construction Processes

We have years of experience in construction processes.

We are well-acquainted with both sides of the business – that of the customer and that of the contractor. 

We have mastered the tricks of applying the prescribed OE-standards (Austrian Standards Institute regulations).

Representation before Building Authorities

Often, construction projects can be optimized by asserting one’s interests before the respective building authority.

Arguing for the sake of arguing does not add value - objective representation and enforcement of rights achieves results.

Public Procurement

We advise and represent clients in enforcing and defending their rights and claims in public procurement processes. 


With years of experience behind us, we regularly draw up construction contracts – e.g.:

  • General plan contracts
  • General contractor agreements
  • Procurement contracts
  • Subcontracts

Representation of Civil Engineers

We have advised and represented civil engineers for many years in all legal matters, and render the required expertise for this purpose. Our range of services comprises: advice with professional legal questions, designing civil engineering contracts, right up to representation in disciplinary matters and liability lawsuits.