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Arbitration Law

Our specially developed fast track arbitration method is a new and unique procedure in Austria. It enables efficient, cost-effective and binding dispute resolutions. While procedures before federal courts can take a few years, often leaving the parties even more embittered than beforehand, our fast track arbitration can achieve a binding result within months. 

Fast track arbitration is an ideal option for parties who are looking for clear solutions quickly, and who would like to ensure that proceedings do not harm their climate of communication and cooperation. Therefore, fast track arbitration is a perfect solution for disputing parties who are engaged in an existing contractual relationship. 

We do not offer mediation. Experience has shown that mediation is less promising and is often misused to cause unnecessary delays.

With fast track arbitration, the parties achieve an executable arbitration award.

As arbitrators, we have thus far always succeeded in bringing disputing parties together at eye level, with solutions having been found in an objective atmosphere. The arbitration award is in any case enforceable.

We also represent clients in measures of execution in accordance with the rules set out by the New York Arbitration Convention.

Our partners boast years of experience as arbitrators and counsel of parties in complex arbitration proceedings, including in the following areas of law: 

  • Banking and Capital Markets Law
  • Disagreements in joint ventures, consortiums, and civil law companies
  • Between socialized attorneys
  • Between socialized tax advisors and/or chartered accountants
  • Construction disputes
  • Franchise law
  • Trade representative law
  • Distribution processes
  • Competition disputes
  • Disputes concerning fees
  • Corporate disputes and
  • Disputes between project partners

Our partner, Michael Brand, is the permanent chairman of an institutional arbitration tribunal.